iOS Programming 101: How To Send SMS Text Message in iPhone Apps

This is a quick follow-up to the previous post on email attachment. Some of you mentioned if we can write a short tutorial about sending SMS text messages within iOS apps. So here we go.

Not only designed for email, the Message UI framework also provides specialized view controller for developers to present standard interface for composing SMS text message within apps. While you use MFMailComposeViewController class for email, the framework provides another class named MFMessageComposeViewController for handling text message.

Basically the usage of MFMessageComposeViewController is very similar to the mail composer class. If you’ve read the tutorials about sending email or creating email with attachment, you shouldn’t have any problem with the class. Anyway, we’ll go through the MFMessageComposeViewController class and demonstrate its usage using a simple app.

iOS Programming 101: How To Create Email with Attachment

A year ago, we wrote a short tutorial to show you how to send email using MessageUI framework. Some asked how to attach a photo, PDF document or Powerpoint in the email. Instead of replying every email individually, we think it’s better to write another short how-to tutorial.

The MessageUI framework has made it really easy to send email in your apps. If you’ve read the official document of MessageUI framework, you know the MFMailComposeViewController class already provides a method called “addAttachmentData:” to add any types of files as an attachment. In this short tutorial, like other articles of our iOS Programming 101 series, we’ll write a simple app and demonstrate the usage of the method.

iOS Programming 101: How To Send Email in Your iPhone App

Here comes another tutorial for our iOS Programming 101 series. Last time, we show you how to hide tab bar in navigation interface. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy you can let user send email in your app.

The iOS SDK has made it really easy to send email using the built-in APIs. With a few line of codes, you can launch the same email interface as the stock Mail app that lets you compose an email. In this tutorial, we’ll build a very simple app to show you how to send both plain text and HTML email using the iOS SDK.