Swift Workshop

Now fully updated for Xcode 10, Swift 4.2 and iOS 12.
Specially designed for beginners, you'll learn Swift programming, understand the iOS development process, and build an iOS app through this 1-day workshop.

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1-Day Workshop

3 Nov, 2018 (Sat), 09:30 - 17:30

  • In the morning session, we will start off by giving you an introduction to Xcode, the standard development tool for iOS app development. Right after learning the basics, you'll begin to write your first app in Swift.

    * Learn Xcode 10 and Playgrounds

    * Learn the essentials of Swift 4 including data types and control flows

    * Understand Interface Builder and Storyboard

    * Gain a basic knowledge of the iOS SDK

    * Build a simple iOS app with Xcode

  • In the afternoon session, we will begin by prototyping an app using Interface Builder, followed by building a simple Quote app from scratch. You'll also learn how to get it up and running on your own iPhone.

    * Learn the basics of App Prototyping and Sketch

    * Learn auto layout and design an adaptive UI for all iOS devices

    * Data passing between view controllers

    * Working with custom fonts

    * Deploying your app on a real iOS device

    * Building a Daily Quote app

About This Workshop

Have you ever tried to teach yourself how to build an app? But for some reasons, you couldn’t quite get going.

We know that there are many different learning styles. Some prefer reading programming books. Some love watching video tutorials. To some people, an in-person class is the most effective and engaging way to learn.

This is why we open up this in-person workshop to teach anyone who is interested in learning Swift and iOS app development.

Learn by Doing

AppCoda is committed to provide the best iOS training and resources for anyone who are interested in learning iOS programming. Over 12,300 people learned Swift and iOS development through our books and online course. Each month, more than 200,000 people have benefited in some ways from our free programming tutorials. Because of what we do, we accumulated years of experience in teaching iOS app development. We also got the privilege to meet many beginning developers, listen to their feedback and understand the best way to teach people how to code.

Our teaching approach is very practical. You’ll learn programming by doing, not just by listening to lectures. We’ll start with an app idea, and then write code to build the app from scratch using Xcode and Swift. This is not an easy process. You’ll get stuck by some programming errors or bugs. But you’ll learn a great deal about iOS app development by crafting a practical project.

Following our proven teaching approach, this 1-day workshop will take you from the Swift fundamentals to building a simple and beautiful app. You’ll learn the basic concepts of Swift programming, how to layout app UI in Xcode, work with view controllers, design adaptive user interfaces using auto layout, and much more.

Designed for Beginners

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners who are interested in learning Swift and iOS app development. Even if you do not have any prior iOS programming experience, you will learn how to create an iOS app and understand the Swift basics by the end of the training.

Bring Your Own Mac

All you need is to bring your own Mac with the latest version of Xcode installed to attend the workshop. No worries, if you don't know how to install Xcode. We will provide you with a simple guide to get you started before the workshop.

Small Class Size

The class size is kept small to maximize interactions between instructors and students. Each workshop is limited to 15 students.

Swift eBook (Optional)

Your learning doesn’t end when you finish the workshop. If you are serious to learn iOS programming, you can purchase a copy of our best-selling Swift ebook at a huge discount to continue your iOS development journey.

Get You Prepared to Become an iOS Developer

This bootcamp will help you understand what it takes to build an iOS app, and prepare you to become an iOS developer. That said, it's impossible to teach you everything about iOS development and Swift in one day. Programming, like any professions, is a craft that takes years to master. You will not become an expert in Swift programming overnight. This is why you'll be given access to our private Facebook groups to continue to interact with our instructors and other learners after the workshop.

Now available in Hong Kong

As we base in Hong Kong, we will first offer our Swift workshop in this lovely city in both Cantonese and English. If this workshop sounds interesting to you, check out the schedule and enroll it now. Later this year, we will roll it out to other cities. If you’re not in Hong Kong, simply leave us your email. You’ll get notified when our workshop comes to your city.

  • Build a Beautiful iOS App from Scratch

    Learn by doing is the best way to learn programming. You will code a simple but beautiful app from the ground up. You'll get it up and running in the iOS simulator or deploy to your own iPhone. By the end of the workshop, you can bring home with a functional app to show it off to your friends. And everything that we discuss in the workshop, including slides and source code, are available for download.

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Understand Swift and the modern Development Tools for
iOS App Development

  • App 1

    Xcode 10
    You'll get familiar with the essential development tools for iOS including Xcode, Interface Builder and Playgrounds.

  • App 2

    Learn how to develop an iOS app in Swift, Apple's new programming language. The newest version of Swift (i.e. Swift 4.2) is covered.

  • App 3

    Sketch is now the most popular design tool for prototyping app UI. This is not a design workshop, but you'll get a basic idea of Sketch, and learn how to collaborate with designers.

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  • Design an App UI Using Interface Builder

    You'll learn how to create an user interface with Interface Builder and work with Storyboards.

    • App Prototyping

      Basic introduction to Sketch and prototyping

    • Auto Layout

      Working with Auto Layout to create an adaptive UI that works on all screen sizes

    • App Icons

      Understanding launch images, app icons and image assets

    • Stack Views

      Learn how to use the new stack views in iOS to layout your user interfaces

  • Learn Swift with Playgrounds

    Swift is the new programming language for iOS. It is easier to learn and more approachable to beginners. Most importantly, it is an increasingly in demand skill. This workshop will teach you all the essentials of Swift.

    • Swift Basics

      Learn the syntax of Swift and understand variables, arrays, classes, control flows, etc.

    • Playgrounds

      Learn how to use Playgrounds, a new tool of Xcode, to test your Swift code and speed up your learning.

    • Working with Buttons, Images and Labels

      Understand outlets and learn how to connect UI components with Swift code

    • Optionals

      Learn how to work with Optionals, a new programming concept introduced in Swift.

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  • Meet Our Instructor

    This workshop is taught by Simon Ng, the founder of AppCoda. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he has been developing web applications in various industries for over 15 years. He now focuses on developing iOS apps and teaching people how to code. He has published multiple books on Swift & iOS programming including "Beginning iOS 12 Programming with Swift" and "Intermediate iOS 12 Programming with Swift". His books were translated into Chinese, and one of them is now the best selling iOS programming book in Taiwan.

  • Simon Ng

Ready to Attend?

3 Nov, 2018 (Sat) 09:30 - 17:30 (with 1-hour lunch)
Location: Ooosh for Startups, Hong Kong
(Just 3 minutes walk from Lai Chi Kwok MTR station)

Please note that this workshop will be delivered in Cantonese with learning materials available in English. You'll need to bring your own Mac (running macOS 10.13.6 or up) to attend the workshop.
For English sessions, please leave us your email. It'll be opened shortly.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

  • Do I need programming skills to attend the workshop?

    This workshop is designed for absolute beginners without any prior programming experience. Being that said, it is also a good fit for people with some programming experience and want to learn iOS app development.

  • Do I need a Mac or an iPhone to attend the training?

    You'll need to bring your own Macbook to attend this workshop. However, it is not a must to own an iPhone. You can easily test your app using the built-in simulator of Xcode.

  • Do I need to join the Apple Developer Program that costs $99 in order to test my app?

    It's completely optional. Starting from Xcode 8, you can deploy your app and run it on a real iOS device without joining the program. You'll need to join the program only if you want to release it on the app store. We will talk more in the workshop.

  • Why do I learn Swift today instead of Objective-C?

    Objective-C has been around for years. Though it is still evolving, Swift is now starting to take over its place as the primary programming language for iOS and other platforms such as watchOS. More companies adopt Swift for their new projects. It is definitely an increasingly in-demand skill every iOS developer should learn. Furthermore, for absolute beginners, you will find Swift much easier to pick up than Objective-C.

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This workshop is organized by AppCoda and supported by Ooosh for Startups.