Our Swift Books and Course are Updated for iOS 12, Swift 5, and Xcode 10

Editor’s note: Our books now supports Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2. Later this year, we will release another update for Xcode 11. If you get the book now, you will receive the update for free.

Our flagship course – Beginning iOS 12 Programming with Swift, which is now fully updated for Xcode 10, Swift 5, and iOS 12. As always, whether the course is delivered through eBooks or video tutorials, it is designed for absolute beginners and those with some programming background. This course assumes you have zero programming experience and takes you from nothing to building an iOS app in Swift and releasing it on the app store.

If you’ve read our tutorials, you know that “Learn by Doing” is at the heart of our teaching approach. We believe programming should be fun to learn. Instead of just elaborating the theories, you will build an app right from the beginning and learn the programming concept along the way. This practical learning approach has gained positive feedback from tens of thousands of our readers. As long as you put your hard work in, we are quite sure you will be able to master Swift and build your own apps.

On top of the update for Xcode 10 and iOS 12, we have expanded our Intermediate Swift book with over 100 page new content including ARKit and Core ML. You will learn how to build AR apps, train your machine learning model, and integrate the model with your own iOS app. Now the book has a total of 950 pages and we keep the price the same. Furthermore, we will continue to add more new content to the book. Topic like advanced view transition animation will be added later this year.

The course is delivered through ebooks and screencasts that feature a lot of hands-on exercises and projects to help you learn Swift development and build iOS apps. If you want to learn more about the course, take a look at its official website.

For this month, we are now running a sale until 31 Oct 2018 (23:59 EST). Depending on the package, you can save up to 40% off of the regular price:

  • Basic Package: $39 (Regular: $49)
  • Starter Package: $69 (Regular: $99)
  • Professional Package: $149 (Regular: $249)

So act now and don’t miss this special discount offer!

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