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Mastering SwiftUI is now updated for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

Mastering SwiftUI is now updated for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

We’ve just released an update for our SwiftUI book – Mastering SwiftUI. All the content including screenshots and source code are updated for Xcode 13 and iOS 15. On top of that, we added new chapters to cover some new APIs introduced in iOS 15 (e.g. AsyncImage and Searchable).

This SwiftUI book is written for beginners and intermediate developers who want to learn the new SwiftUI framework. Each chapter of our book has at least one simple project to work on. Through the projects, you will understand how to work with various types of UI elements and build interactive UIs. While it’s recommended to follow the chapters one by one, you are also free to pick any of the chapters to start with. 

Once you manage the basics, you will learn how to build a personal finance app with SwiftUI and Combine. All the projects and source code are available for download. You can use them as a reference. And you’re free to use the code in your own projects (personal/commercial).

Last summer I failed to land an internship at a tech company. I chose to buy your book for $40 and spend my summer learning SwiftUI instead. I picked it up really fast, your book was incredible. I’ve now made several apps, “Receipted” is my first on the App Store. When I started interviewing for internships again this year, I showed off my new SwiftUI apps I’ve made. I ended up getting 8 different offers from different companies!

Hunter Kingsbeer

To celebrate this book update and the new year, you can use the discount code “launch2022” to receive an extra 20% off. You can click this link and pick one of the book package to enjoy the discount. Alternatively, you can use the direct links below:

​As usual, all these packages include one year free update. I hope you enjoy this offer and the new SwiftUI book. This discount code is valid until 2 Jan 2022 (23:59 PST).

Thank you so much for your continued support. Wish you have a happy and healthy new year!

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