What’s New in Swift 3

Apple integrated Swift 3 into Xcode 8 beta at WWDC and will release the final version later on this year. This is the language’s first version that is open source and works both on Mac OS X and Linux. If you have followed the Swift Evolution process since December last year and even already played with it in the IBM...


Building a Message Sticker App Extension in Xcode 8

One of the biggest announcements in WWDC 2016 is the introduction of the Message framework in iOS 10. Developers can now create app extensions for Apple’s built-in Messages app. By building an app extension, you let users to interact with your app right in the Messages app. For example, you can build a message...


Building a Simple Barcode Reader App in Swift

In the hand of the clerk at the local grocer’s checkout line, helping to check in bags and passengers at the airport, or assisting in the tedious inventory process at a major retailer, a barcode scanner is simply a handy tool. In fact, they have even made their way to the consumer for smart shopping, cataloging, and...


Our Swift Programming Book for Beginners Now Supports iOS 9, Xcode 7 and Swift 2

Our flagship book, Beginning iOS Programming with Swift, has been fully updated for iOS 9, Swift 2 and Xcode 7. Not only is it compatible with latest version of Xcode and iOS, we will walk you through some new features of the SDK such as Stack Views and...


An Introduction to Stack Views in iOS 9 and Xcode 7

Earlier, we’ve talked about the new features of Swift 2. Starting from this tutorial, we will cover some cool new features in iOS 9. The upcoming version of iOS comes with a lot of new features. For developers, the introduction of Stack View deserves...

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