Beginning iOS 10 Programming with Swift

What You Will Learn in This Book

I know many readers have an app idea but don't know where to begin. Hence, this beginner book is written with this in mind. It covers the whole aspect of Swift programming and you will learn how to build a real world app from scratch. You'll first learn the basics of Swift, then prototype an app, and later add some features to it in each chapter. After going through the whole book, you'll develop a real world app. During the process, you will learn how to exhibit data in table view, customize the look & feel of a cell, design UI using Stack Views, create animations, work on maps, build an adaptive UI, save data in local database, upload data to iCloud, use TestFlight to arrange beta test, 3D Touch, User Notifications, etc.

This book features a lot of hands-on exercises and projects. You will get the opportunities to write code, fix bugs and test your app. Although it involves a lot of work, it will be a rewarding experience. The book fully supports Swift 3, Xcode 8, and iOS 10 programming, you will learn how to master the latest version of the development tool and language. Most importantly, you will be able to develop an app and release it on App Store.


This book is written for beginners without any prior programming experience and those who want to learn Swift programming. Whether you are a programmer who wants to learn a new programming language or a designer who wants to turn your design into an iOS app or an entrepreneur who wants to learn to code, this book is written for you.

I just assume you are comfortable using Mac OS X and iOS as a user.

What People Say about Our Books

"The book is well written, concise, with excellent example code and real world examples. It's really helped me get my first App on the App store, and given me many ideas on further enhancements and updates. I also use it as a reference guide ongoing as well with the language, and the updates produced as Swift and iOS change are much gratefully received."

- David Greenfield, creator of ThreadABead

"Great book! It takes you from beginner to pro with great explanations."

- Antoine Bellanger, creator of What am I flying on

"The book is really good. I was taking other courses of Swift from Udemy and the instructor did not have much background as a developer. In your case, I know you have a good background as a developer. By the way you explain the things."

- Carlos Aguilar, creator of Roomhints Interior Design Ideas

"This is an awesome book for someone with little experience in developing apps in Xcode. It is a step by step process in building an actual app. It is guided by awesome examples and illustrations. A must buy if you want to get your hands wet. Not meant for quick money makers!"

- Michael Caffin, Didactic Studios

"Your books are a great boon for novice mobile developers like me. They really ease down the learning curve. The chapters are very intelligently ordered building up concepts as required to develop your own app. The language used and example taken to explain the concept is also done very smartly. Full marks to the team AppCoda. If anyone asks me for good books/tutorials on iOS, I would definitely refer him/her to your books collection without a second thought."

- Pritam Hinger, Guavus Network Systems Pvt. Ltd.

"The book is important not just in the code building and learning new APIs but how the teaching approach is made. So clear and to the point with real example apps."

- Sergio Barrera, creator of 2014 TWBI National Conference Sacramento

"These books have been a delight to have. They have truly been very helpful to my learning experience. Tutorials are so well thought of and easy to understand, anybody can go through them."

- Freddy Montas, creator of AMOQ

"AppCoda helps me improve my qualification in iOS and Xcode. Two things were surprised: support and easy-to-read. Every time I need help, the AppCoda Team helps me. Sometimes I sent email with doubts and in maximum 2 days I received the answers. And the examples of the books are very good. They are clear and important for learning more about Swift."

- Bruno Xavier

"This was one of the easiest books I have found to learn swift. As a beginner it was extremely easy to follow and understand. The real life examples you include as your work through the book and build the app being taught is genius and makes it all worth it in the end. I was able to take many things away and apply to my own apps. I find myself referring back to it many times. Great Work."

- Bill Harned, creator of Percent Off

"I've tried to get over the hump of learning how to program for years, with many stops and starts with different books and even a Big Nerd Ranch class in CA. But my biggest and most steady progress has been using this course material. I'm not sure why it's clicking now more than before, but the way the course is structured just makes sense to me. And what I really love is it's project based learning approach. You actually make things as you learn, and by doing so you start to get those "ah ha" moments. There's nothing more exciting than figuring something out that at first you just couldn't get your head around. I'm not sure where this will take me, but I'm excited to be on the path to learning how to program in Swift."

- Thomas Tomchak, Cre8ting, LL

"I bought the Beginning iOS 8 Programming with Swift book and really loved it! I'm an iOS (and Android) developer since one year now, and I already have some apps on both the App Store and Google Play. But all of these where games. So I decided to make some non-games apps. The book is very easy to understand and nice."

- Maxime Defauw, Creator of Hang Keys and WWDC 2015 Scholarship Winner

"Over the past three years I have purchased more than a dozen books on Objective C and Swift. As a high school AP computer science teacher I work mainly with Java but I also teach several other programming languages so I tend to keep a large library of books on-hand. While many of the other books and online video tutorials I purchased these past years were very good, I found AppCoda's to be far above all others. Simon has a way of presenting a topic in such a manner where I felt he was teaching me in a classroom environment rather than just me reading words on a screen. The best way to describe his writing style is to say it feels like he is speaking to you, not just giving you instructions. Don't think because the first book is titled Beginning iOS 8 with Swift that it does not cover important material because you would be wrong. I have had several apps on the iTunes store over the past three years yet I think I referred to the beginning book as much as I did the Intermediate."

- Ricky Martin, Gulf Coast High School