Chapter 3
Animating Table View Cells

When you read this chapter, I assume you already knew how to use UITableView to present data. If not, go back and read the Beginning iOS Programming with Swift book.

The UITableView class provides a powerful way to present information in table form, and it is one of the most commonly used components in iOS apps. Whether you're building a productivity app, to-do app, or social app, you would make use of table views in one form or another. The default implementation of UITableView is preliminary and only suitable for basic apps. To differentiate one's app from the rest, you usually provide customizations for the table views and table cells in order to make the app stand out.

In this chapter, I will show you a powerful technique to liven up your app by adding subtle animation. Thanks to the built-in APIs. It is super easy to animate a table view cell. Again, to demonstrate how the animation is done, we'll tweak an existing table-based app and add a subtle animation.

To start with, first download the project template from After downloading, compile the app and make sure you can run it properly. It's just a very simple app displaying a list of articles.

Figure 3.1. The demo app
Figure 3.1. The demo app

To continue reading and access the full version of the book, please get the full copy here. You will also be able to access the full source code of the project.

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