Chapter 21
Building a Weather Widget Using WidgetKit

In iOS 8, Apple introduced app extensions, which allow you to extend the functionality of your app and make it accessible to users from various parts of the system, including other apps or the Notification Center. For instance, you can provide a widget that users can add to the Notification Center. This widget can display real-time information from your app, such as weather updates, sports scores, stock quotes, and more.

Since the release of iOS 14, Apple has completely revamped this feature and introduced a new framework called WidgetKit. If you have used widgets on the latest version of iOS, you are already familiar with the ability to add widgets directly to your Home Screen. This is an excellent feature that enables users to customize the appearance of their screen.

In this chapter, I will show you how to develop a weather widget using WidgetKit. You will also learn how to share data between the widget and the app using App Group.

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