Chapter 19
Creating a Tinder-like UI with Gestures and Animations

Wasn't it fun to build an expandable bottom sheet? Let's continue to apply what we learned about gestures and apply it to a real-world project. I'm not sure if you've used the Tinder app before. But somehow you probably have come across a Tinder-like user interface in some other apps. The swiping motion is central to Tinder's UI design and has become one of the most popular mobile UI patterns. Users swipe right to like a photo or swipe left to dislike it.

What we are going to do in this chapter is to build a simple app with a Tinder-like UI. The app presents users with a deck of travel cards and allows them to use the swipe gesture to like/dislike a card.

Figure 1. Building a tinder-like user interface
Figure 1. Building a tinder-like user interface

Note that we are not going to build the fully functional app but focus only on the Tinder-like UI.

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