Chapter 4
Layout User Interface with Stacks

Stacks in SwiftUI is similar to the stack views in UIKit. By combining views in horizontal and vertical stacks, you can construct complex user interfaces for your apps. For UIKit, it's unevitable to use auto layout in order to build interfaces that fit all screen sizes. To some beginners, auto layout is a complicated subject and hard to learn. The good news is that you no longer need to use auto layout in SwiftUI. Everything is stacks including VStack, HStack, and ZStack.

In this chapter, I will walk you through all types of stacks and build a grid layout using stacks. So, what project will you work on? Take a look at the figure below. We'll lay out a simple grid interfaces step by step. After going over this chapter, you will be able to combine views with stacks and build the UI you want.

Figure 1. The demo app
Figure 1. The demo app

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